My New Social Network Definition

A New Perspective On The Social Network Definition

Sure people still share their experiences and chat with one another via social media platforms. The social media platforms have also incorporated an area for people to share their business information, within the sort of ads placed within the network.

This is translating into big profits for the social media platforms, and therefore the light on the social side of things is getting dimmer. it's definitely became more of a business and social network put together. you'll see this via the quantity of ads being posted everyday, and social guru's promoting content on the way to use "social networking" for business.

More Business Than Social Interaction In Social Media

Don't get me wrong it's good for businesses to market themselves on social media, but as long as it's wiped out the proper place. In some sense this has opened the door up for scammers who are selling or posting useless products or services. Also the quantity of apps on social media has increased immensely. this is often thanks to the very fact that folks are accessing the social networks via mobile devices more and more everyday.

Facebook acquired Whats-App for a staggering $21 million dollars in cash and stock, and in fact this was done to remain as relevant within the social scene. It's reported that Whats-App has 450 million users with 1 million being added everyday, that's tons of individuals . you'll see why Facebook made this purchase, they're striving to urge this to 1 billion users. this is often an enormous statement by Facebook, on where they need to be within the future. It certainly expands their portfolio, and by buying out certain companies they're effectively knocking out their competition.

Everyone knows in business the less competition the higher right? Not so social anymore i assume . Facebook obviously know the mobile industry is getting bigger everyday, 50% of all internet traffic is accessed via mobile devices already. Twitter has gone down this road also , but to not the extent that Facebook has and can still do so.

There's are clear trend here for all of the large social network players, they're bent compete with one another for business. in any case they need to stay up with the newest trends, to remain relevant during this industry. it might make perfect sense why they're dispensing big dollars, to accumulate other companies and assets.

Will This Reshape The Way We Interact On Social Platforms?

Now there's another player in town, and this one is preparing to vary the social network platform and convey it to a replacement level. Level 9 LLC, soon to become iQ Konnect is all about enhancing your life by using one among the best trends for delivering information, products or services to the end-user or consumer globally. It's within the sort of an App that's a touch cloud based icon, that's said by experts to be downloaded over 84 million times globally this year.

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