These are the items you aren’t allowed to require with you from hotel rooms

Have you ever ‘stolen’ hotel soap?

When you spend the night during a nice hotel, it’s always a pleasure to use the free shampoos, lotions and soaps. The soft towels and fluffy bathrobes are amazing also . There are quite lot of individuals who take some stuff home from their bedroom . But we wondered; which things are you really allowed to require with you and when does it become stealing?

There are a few of belongings you are simply allowed to require home.

Take home

We hope it’s pretty obvious that you simply can’t just take the tv from the wall and put it in your suitcase, but how about those shampoos? They’re liberal to use, of course, but are you allowed to require them home if you didn’t open the bottles? It’s time to clear this stuff up! These are the items you’re allowed to require home with you:

  • Toiletry: shampoo, conditioner and lotions. You’re allowed to require all of those home with you to use and luxuriate in them at a later moment.
  • Stationary: paper or pens with the hotel logo. These are perfectly fine to require with you.
  • Postcards: tons of hotels have postcards lying around showing the hotel or its surroundings. you'll just take these home with you as a gift .
  • Slippers: not all hotels offer this luxury, but with a touch of luck you’ll find a pair of slippers in your room. Are they so comfortable that you simply don’t want to mention goodbye to them? You don’t need to because you’re allowed to require them with you!

Not allowed

So, what are the items you aren’t allowed to require with you? Here they are:

  • Bathrobes and towels: the bathrobes and towels in hotels are often amazingly soft and fluffy, so we will imagine you would possibly want to require them with you. However, hotels usually prefer you don’t put these in your suitcase and just leave them within the room.
  • Bible: often, you’ll find a bible within the nightstand during a room, but this is often meant to remain there.
  • Hairdryer: during a lot of cases, you’re allowed to use the hairdryer in exchange for a deposit, so if you're taking it with you, you’re only hurting yourself (or your wallet, actually). Sometimes hairdryers are attached to the wall up hotels. The reason? So people don’t take them with them.
  • Clock: this speaks for itself, but you ought to leave the clock hanging on the wall.
  • Radio: this is often pretty obvious as well; don’t take the radio with you.


Of course, you'll find tons of stuff in your bedroom , but we expect you’re probably not wondering whether you’re allowed to require the duvet cover with you – that one’s pretty obvious. does one see something in your room that you simply adore and would want to require with you, sort of a painting? you'll always ask at the reception whether you would possibly take it with you, in exchange for payment, of course.

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