The cheapest hotel within the world costs only 92 cents an evening and this is often what it's like

Would you dare to spend the night within the cheapest hotel within the world?

No matter what proportion fun a vacation could also be , it’s also very expensive. If you are doing want to travel on holiday but are a touch strapped for cash, you would possibly want to save lots of money on the trip there or choose an inexpensive hotel. you'll choose a camping or a two-star hotel, but if you actually want to save lots of some money you ought to attend the most cost effective hotel within the world.

This hotel only costs 92 cents an evening .

Hotel stay

The average hotel already costs quite little bit of money. If you’re trying to find a hotel stay within the UK, you’ll pay 104 pounds an evening on the average . That’s quite the sum! the costs for hotel stays are increasing pretty quickly due to the increasing amounts of tourists. once you go abroad, the costs could be lower, but there, too, they're on the increase .

Cheap holidays

Luckily there are always cheaper options to travel for when you’re trying to find an inexpensive holiday. Within Europe, you'll visit places like Montenegro, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Bulgary, Poland, Albania, Slovakia, Macedonia and Lithuania if you would like an inexpensive holiday. If you would like to travel a touch further abroad on a decent budget, Sri Lanka and Thailand are recommended. If that’s still not cheap enough for you, you ought to visit Bangladesh. That’s where you'll find the most cost effective hotel within the world.

Cheapest hotel

The cheapest hotel within the world is named the Faridpur Hotel and is found in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The hotel is formed out of 5 boats and you'll find it on the banks of the Buriganga. If you would like to spend the night within the hotel’s hostel, you’ll pay 34 cents per night. need a room of your own? Then you’ll need to pay 92 cents. A double room costs a touch extra: you’ll pay 1 euro and 39 cents for one. As is to be expected, the facilities within the hotel are very basic: you’ll have access to water and a rest room , but you've got to share everything with all of the opposite guests.

Despite the very fact that the hotel is extremely shabby, it’s also very fashionable among inhabitants and tourists, who can mingle with the locals here. Sometimes tourists even stay for several months during this hotel made out of boats.

Business people

Floating hotels like this began to appear within the fifties, mainly to accommodate Hindu business people that came to Dhaka for business. once you hear the term ‘floating hotels’, you shouldn’t imagine futuristic buildings with gorgeous seaside views. Instead, consider primitive boats where you've got to share your personal space with other guests. There’s no TV, no space to eat, no comfortable mattresses and no nice decorations.


Yet 46-year-old owner Muhammad Mustafa Miyan can’t complain, as he told the Daily Mail: “We have anywhere around 40 guests at a time in our hotel and that they stay for as long as three months.” consistent with the owner, the hotel is so cheap that folks from nearby towns and villages come to Dhaka especially to spend the night there. Would you dare to offer an evening during this hotel a try?

Take a glance at the video below to ascertain what the hotel looks like!

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