It can cause serious injuries

Taking your child to the playground looks like a fun, harmless endeavour. the small ones can run wild and luxuriate in themselves while you retain an eye fixed on them or maybe play along side them. Yet during this weather , the playground can actually be more dangerous than you think that . The slide especially has the potential of causing tons of injury .

Mother Dawna warns other mothers about the risks of going off slides in weather .


During weather , slides can cause serious injuries in children. The slide can get so hot that a toddler could actually find yourself with burns on their body from going off the slide. Dawna Wright may be a mother and she or he has first-hand experience with this issue. Her four-year-old daughter Asia ended up with second-degree burns after going off a plastic slide. the small girl’s skin burnt immediately and she or he sustained serious blisters.


Asia’s mother later went back to the slide to see the temperature of the surface. It clothed that the slide had reached a temperature of 68 degrees Celsius! Skin can burn pretty heavily at 45 degrees Celsius already, so 68 degrees is certainly very dangerous.


On Facebook, Shawna shared images of her daughter’s legs to warn other parents. Dawna told 41 Action News that she’d never heard her daughter scream as she did when she went off that slide. Although there have been signs round the playground that warned people about possibly hot surfaces, Dawna thinks this is often not enough since they will easily be overlooked. She also stated: “Everybody says, ‘That wouldn’t be me, that wouldn’t be my child. I could never let this happen to my child.’ It could happen to you. It really could.”

So I took my girls to the toilet anderson park today and that i felt the playground equipment before I allowed my youngest to play thereon but I didn't realize how hot this particular slide was. Asia is currently being seen within the hospital now. i actually want to ask that John anderson get some sort of sun cover over their equipment so no other baby gets burned this bad!

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