Someone Compares Keanu Reeves And His Alleged Girlfriend To Howl’s Moving Castle Characters And It’s Spot On

It wouldn’t be the net if the lots didn’t get captivated with one thing. As of late,

everyone’s banded along to promotional material regarding actor Keanu Reeves and his character yet as personal life. Albeit this point individuals square measure fortuitously largely positive and in-tune with spreading quality, as exemplified by Reeves himself.

The latest content to be unfold round the World Wide Web? A side-by-side comparison of Keanu Reeves and his alleged girlfriend Alexandra Grant and character’s from Howl’s Moving Castle. everybody appears to be aboard that the 2 agree Sophie and Howl from Studio Ghibli’s classic film. And you recognize what? He will positively see wherever individuals square measure returning from!

Someone on-line compared Keanu and his partner to characters from Howl’s Moving Castle

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Leading to various side-by-side comparison photos of the duo

The 55-year-old actor has been leading a rather personal life these recent years, therefore the moment he was noticed holding hands with a woman at a public look, individuals were fast to declare that the 2 square measure qualitative analysis. And it positively looks like the case.

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Many quickly assumed Keanu Reeves and creator Alexandra Grant were dating

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Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant were seen fondly holding hands as they each attended the LACMA Art + Film event in LA. The photos before long unfold from one news website to the opposite, followed by individuals sharing snaps on their social media accounts. Most of the individuals praised the 2, whereas others found some grounds to debate Reeves’ choise to this point a lady almost like her age yet as folks that praised Grant for her silver locks.

It happened when the 2 were noticed along at the LACMA Art + Film event in LA

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As the combine were holdings hands, individuals weren’t waiting around to place 2 and 2 together

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The LACMA Art + Film wasn’t the primary time the couple was seen acting lovey-dovey. They were noticed holding hands before, though this was the primary time the 2 did that therefore overtly.

Especially when Keanu and Alexandra were antecedently noticed together

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The 2 share a old friendship

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Reeves and Grant have a old relationship. They met at a banquet back in 2009 and quickly became friends. The couple’s creative sides clicked togehter as they need collaborated on a book wherever Keanu provided text to Alexandra’s art.

And have antecedently collaborated on numerous art projects

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The comparison comes from Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle

And its star characters Sophie and Howl

Here’s however individuals on the net reacted

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